The 4th Industrial Revolution and the Covid-19 pandemic are bringing massive disruptions, amounting to nothing less than a “perfect storm”. The “new normal” also brings break-through opportunities to the fore. The aim with the Smart Mobility Virtual Conference is to focus collective energies of the Intelligent Transport Society and the UATP on implementing and managing integrated and sustainable mobility solutions.


The conference will take place during “Transport Month” when there is added awareness regarding transport projects and initiatives. Helping us to “surf” along with the 4IR wave while we mitigate Covid-19, the theme is Re-imagine Mobility in the Digital Age beyond Covid-19.

Continuous Professional Development

The conference committee is applying for the programme to be accredited to award CPD points to delegates in accordance with the new protocols by ECSA for digital events.


Registration is free. Click here to book your virtual seat to attend, limited spots available.