Re-imagine Mobility in the Digital Age


Date and Venue

The Smart Mobility Africa Conference and Exhibition will be hosted from 5 – 8 October 2020 at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria.


The aim with the Smart Mobility Africa Conference and Exhibition is to focus collective energies on implementing and managing integrated and sustainable mobility solutions in the context of the African Continent while the 4th Industrial Revolution is bringing massive disruptions, but also break-through opportunities to the fore. Africa offers a hitherto untapped market for Public Transport and Smart Mobility solutions and many global experiences can be adapted to the Continent’s unique challenges.


The conference will take place during “Transport Month” when there is added awareness regarding transport projects and initiatives. Helping us to surf along with the 4IR wave, the theme is Re-imagine Mobility in the Digital Age. Presentations on this theme will be incorporated into an industry submission to the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The 4IR Commission provides an opportunity to channel smart mobility solutions into a broader digital policy framework to identify relevant policies, strategies and action plans.

Call for abstracts and presentations

Abstracts for presentations are invited on the conference theme of Re-imagine Mobility in the Digital Age and can be submitted via the online platform here.

Interpreting the theme, presenters are asked to imagine an ideal state within the mobility network and dedicate their closing slides on building blocks to be put in place NOW to ensure we are making progress towards ideal mobility achievements. The conclusions of the presenters will be incorporated into a Position Paper that will be developed as part of industry submissions to the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Themes around which presentations could cluster, are:

  • 4th Industrial Revolution and its impact on Transport
  • Digitisation of Transport, Big Data, IoT, MaaS
  • Modal shifts
  • Green Transport, CAV and EV
  • Road Safety
  • Public Transport Operations, Policy and Governance
  • Mobility as a Service
  • Transport infrastructure and systems, “Mind-the-Gap” between supply and demand
  • Alignment between spatial and transport planning
  • New Skills and Capacity-building
  • Innovation and new technologies, disruption of the disrupters, deploying drones and NextGen payment systems.

We invite abstracts that speak to themes, such as illustrated above, that speak to the theme of Re-imagine Smart Mobility in the Digital Age.  Only abstracts submitted via the online tool will be considered. Abstracts will be reviewed by a panel of suitably experienced reviewers and their recommendations will be co-ordinated by the Programme Committee.

Abstracts must focus on solutions and no commercial or marketing-type abstracts will be accepted into the formal programme. There will be, however, a Vendor Session in the exhibition area during the lunch breaks where commercial slots are available at a fee for sponsors and exhibitors.

Please click here to access the online abstract submission system, download the abstract template and submit your abstract.